Festival Inspired Makeup

Hiiiiiiiiiiii. Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I’ve been lazy =( Don’t know if any of you know that I have a YouTube channel? I do makeup tutorials and hoping to branch out onto beauty, skincare, lifestyle etc. Do check me out! and if you think you enjoy what I put up Subscribe? 🤗

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Mauvey Brown Eye with Glowy Skin // Evening Makeup Look



Hi guys!! I’ve been wanting to start a youtube channel but never have the guts to do it, because I don’t know what I have to offer.  I’ve been watching so many videos about how other youtuber start out their channel, All of them say the same “JUST DO IT”. Hence, I’m here, just doing it =) Please check out my channel. Its new and the quality is nothing comparing to Micheal Phan or PONY, but I’m learning and trying. I’m very happy filming and editing even though I know so little, so so little. Its such an amazing feeling doing this, like I’ve accomplished something, like getting an A in Biochemistry from the very strict lecturer. LOL Anyways, this is the link to watch HOW I DID THIS MAKEUP LOOK.

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Lingerie On The Street







I’ve been trying to wear more colors and prints. Too much black and white. Too much plain white button up with black shorts. So here you go, a more colorful outfit. Chriselle Lim recently wore a creamy greyish suit with beautiful lace and pink lining to a Ellie Saab show. I’m in love with the outfit. Well, I obviously couldn’t afford that suit, so I tried putting out an outfit with the same color combination. Hope you girls enjoy it. xx


DoItYourself Christmas Wreath

Processed with Rookie Cam
Things You Need: Whatever you think you might want to put it on your wreath 😉 Check with your Christmas tree if there’s a theme going on (all gold, gold and red or just jam packed with colors), from there pick out the color scheme that you are looking for. And a hot glue gun to stick everything on, obviously.
Processed with Rookie Cam
I added these fake leaves to give the wreath more dimension. Play with the position, where you want to place the individual stalk until you’re happy with how it looks as a whole.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam
Everything is so green at this point, some white shimmery snowflakes can add some shine and color to it. You can also substitute the snowflakes with some glittered ornaments, anything with colors or glitter will be good.
Processed with Rookie Cam
Some red ribbons to add some color to the wreath because theres a lot of green and neutrals going on. I choose these shimmery ones to make it more festive.

Processed with Rookie Cam


Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam
And tadaaaaaa, you made yourself one pretty awesome looking wreath!!!  This is my 1st time, and to be honest its actually very easy. Well, I have some talent in the creative side of world, but I’m sure everyone can do it. Obviously you can just get one from the store but I want to make it my own, it feels extra special.

Black Fringe



Pants – Zara

Heel – Forever 21

Bag – H&M

Watch – DW

DSCF3195DSCF3191DSCF3179DSCF3150Mikey’s Original
New York PizzaDSCF3175DSCF3171These babies are really good!! We ordered MAMA’s Wild Mushroom and Classic New York Pizza. I’m pretty sure all of their Pizzas are great. It didn’t take too long for all the food to arrive, thumbs up for that =) We also had the Boneless Buffalo Chicken and Manhattan Waffle Fries. The shop is very Pinterest-sy to me.DSCF3170DSCF3168DSCF3209DSCF3208

PONY MEMEBOX Palette Review

[Pony X Memebox] SHINE EASY GLAM 3 #02 Pink Bloom
DSCF3272DSCF3274#02 Pink Bloom 2DSCF3282DSCF3305DSCF3302DSCF3289

I got this palette from Hermo.my when it was on sale. I got it for rm63 during sale, currently is rm85, retail price is rm99. I love this website because they carry a wide range of Korean and Japanese makeup and skin care brands that are usually hard to get it in stores. They also have very good sale, luxury brands that has up to 50% off. Delivery is fast, it took 3 working days to reach. I’ve so far made 3 purchases from Hermo, everything is very well packed and they reach me safe and sound =)

Now lets talk palette.

I’m drawn to this palette because of PONY Makeup on youtube. She’s great in makeup, she makes you want to buy everything she used BUT! remember there’s great lighting and maybe some editing so calm down when you watch her, spend wisely 😉 TBH, I expected too much from this palette, I  was hoping the color to be more vibrant. The pigmentation is good don’t get me wrong. Because I had such high hope on it I was actually a tiny bit disappointed the 1st time I tried it on. After a few use, I got used to it and I’m loving it now. Maybe use a wet brush when you’re applying it!I just thought of it I’m gonna do that next time. Its packed with shimmer, non of the shadow is matte. The Korean loves their shimmer =D I don’t use the 4 shadows together, I preferred to use NOONER from the naked 3 at my crest and the outer corner to tone down the shimmer. There’s definitely some fall out while applying onto your lids but nothing serious, just use a tissue paper to cover your cheeks area. Longevity wise, I’m not 100% sure how long it exactly last but I’m sure not  the whole day but a good 4/5 hours definitely is not a problem. Use eye-shadow primer then you are safe!

Overall, I love this palette. I think its hard to go wrong when it comes to Korean makeup products. They know what they are doing. Cute packaging, good pigmentation, get it when its on sale I would say then the price is great too, and I love PONY so =)

Monday Blues.


Had breakfast at the Upstairs Cafe in Subang Jaya. Food was good =) I love the environment. Its quiet and the music they played was soothing. I sat beside the window, starring at the sky and the cars that passed by with the great atmosphere I tend to forget about all that nasty stuff thats happening and just eat. I heard the red velvet cake there is a must try. But unfortunately I was too full with the pancakes so I shall come back for it next time. Just one thing that I didn’t enjoy as much is the price. I find it a little too pricey. But other than that the service, the people and environment is great.